About us
A Personal Trainer for your Money
Many Blessings seeks to help its clients realize the blessings of wise financial decisions, based on the principles of Biblical stewardship. 
The world is full of advice on how to use your money.  Unfortunately, a lot of that advice is toxic. Many Blessings will help you separate healthy spending, saving, and giving habits from unhealthy ones.

Money management causes stress:  It can come between spouses and destroy a marriage. It can come between family members and friends, and destroy relationships. It can come from the pressure to own the newest, best technology; or the desire to engage with friends or colleagues in social settings. Many Blessings will help you develop strategies to manage that stress.

Many Blessings does not sell financial products.  Many Blessings does not sell the newest technology.  Many Blessings offers wise counsel, based on time-honored, tested solutions.

The Many Blessings story:

Glen Meade was enjoying a rewarding career in the United States Army. He had a beautiful wife, and five children, stair-stepped in age over five years. The Meades were "normal:" They had credit cards, car payments, and a mortgage, a regular income, and a regular routine. They had little in savings, but plenty of available credit.

All was well, until Glen missed a promotion in the Army, and his days on active duty were numbered. He qualified for a sizeable, lump-sum, separation allowance, but that only covered expenses for a limited period of time. He transferred to the Army reserves, where he accepted every extra duty assignment that was offered, but that only went so far. When he found employment, it was at a significantly lower salary than he had been receiving in the Army.

In other words, the family was broke, in debt, and desperate.

Over time, the family paid off all its debt (including the mortgage), by drastically reducing its lifestyle. During that time, Glen began listening to a daily radio program featuring Larry Burkett, author of Debt Free Living.  Glen enrolled in a self-paced Budget Counseling course.  Upon completion of that course, Glen became a volunteer budget counselor, serving listeners who requested help through Mr. Burkett's organization.  A few years later, Mr. Burkett retired, and handed off his referral counselors to Christian Financial Concepts. Glen continued to serve as a volunteer with that organization for a few more years, but with the discontinuation of Burkett's radio program, local referrals dried up.

Glen's wife of twenty-seven years, the mother of his five children, died in 2003.  Glen remarried in 2006, to a woman who had coordinated Financial Peace University (FPU) classes at her church.  Glen moved to Shepherdsville, KY, and became involved in his wife's church, where he was ordained as a deacon, became the director of the church's Sunday School department, and involved himself in a variety of ministries. Glen also became a regular listener of the Dave Ramsey program, where he became familiar with the principles taught in FPU.

Beyond the church, Glen became a tax preparer with the local division of a national company. In his second year, he became an office supervisor, and in his third year, he began teaching tax school for the company. Glen came face-to-face with the kinds of financial situations his clients faced, and as a result, developed a renewed burden to help people break free from financial bondage.

In early 2015, Glen and his wife moved to a church that had recently been planted in Shepherdsville. Working with the Elders, Glen scheduled a FPU class, in cooperation with another local church. Then, in 2016, Glen attended and completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training, and subsequently created Many Blessings Financial Coaching.
  1. Glen Meade, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach
    Glen Meade, Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach
    Glen has attended and completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training. Before doing so, he spent five years as a volunteer budget counselor for Christian Financial Concepts. He was a tax preparer for a national company for seven years, where he taught in their local tax school and managed several local offices. Glen has the heart of a teacher. His Master's degree is in Education. As an Army officer, he served as an instructor at the US Army Armor School for two years. He has led several classes at his church, and has coordinated Financial Peace University classes in Shepherdsville, KY.